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“Greetings, I’m Syntell Smith… and this is Call Numbers.”

With that welcoming phrase, author Syntell Smith introduced the world to his remarkable debut novel series known as Call Numbers. Self-published in 2019, Smith’s journey, which started 15 years ago when he was only a blogger reviewing pop culture, came to a satisfying conclusion. What began as an idea for a television series treatment in 2004, Syntell developed Call Numbers based on his personal work experiences as employee of the New York Public Library from 1992 – 1997. The series explores the behind the scenes work politics of a diverse, divided staff of a new york city library in midtown Manhattan as they service the eccentric patrons that frequent the branch. With haunting social commentary, the series explores sensitive subjects such as classism, elitism, racial tensions, teen pregnancy, bullying, and sexual awakening. Smith interweaves multiple storylines effortlessly from perspectives of all walks of life, young and old. A modern day storyteller, Smith promises that you’ll look at librarians in a whole new light after reading Call Numbers.

Book One: The Not So Quiet Life Of Librarians

In the series debut, we meet Robin Walker, an intelligent and opinionated young college student who works part time for the New York Public Library. As he transfers to a new library clerk position at the 58th Street Branch Library, he’s not well received due to personal grudges among the staff. He struggles to find his place at his new location while conspiracies unravel behind the scenes.

Book Two: Book Endings: Loss, Pain and Revelations

Picking up where the exciting cliffhanger of The Not So Quiet Life Of Librarians left off… Robin Walker struggles with a personal loss in the family and a blossoming new romance in the wake of tragedy. All for it to come crashing down when a personal connection is discovered, leading Robin to reveal a devastating secret, resulting in a shocking departure.

Book Three: Hold Circulation: Trial and Redemption (coming in 2022.)

Syntell Smith Presents The Call Numbers Series: #1 - What's it all about?


Book 1: Call Numbers: The Not So Quiet Life of Librarians

Book 2: Book Endings - A Call Numbers novel: Loss, Pain, and Revelations